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Mazinger Z by crvnjava67
Mazinger Z
My tribute to Mazinger Z, the Japanese robot.
Originally a manga from 1972, it was written and illustrated by Go Nagai.

I noticed after painting it black that it bears a strong resemblance to Darth Vader's mask.  I wonder if the artists working for George Lucas were Mazinger Z fans?

Trivia: It was also a vertical scrolling shoot'em up arcade game in 1994 from Banpresto.  

20" x 10" 144 dpi
Snoopy and the Red Baron December 2016 Calendar by crvnjava67
Snoopy and the Red Baron December 2016 Calendar
The Red Baron draws Snoopy's fire while the rest of the Flying Circus sneaks up behind him.  Will Snoopy survive?

My tribute to Snoopy and the Red Baron, an Atari 2600 game from Parker Brothers in 1983.

The 2600 version of the Red Baron's plane was a little too plain, so I decided to make it more realistic.  The game version is shown on the bottom left.  There is also a little piece of it hiding behind one of the clouds.

The food on the bottom right represents the bonus items you can collect after defeating the Baron.

20" x 10" 144 dpi
Go Wherever the Wind Takes You by crvnjava67
Go Wherever the Wind Takes You
My tribute to Rex and Banzai Bill from Super Mario World, in the form of a Motivational poster.

Story #1

Rex was a purple dragon who lived in Super Mario World.  Unfortunately, his wings never grew to their full width.  They weren't strong enough to lift him up.  Instead of soaring through the air like his siblings, he had to search for food on the ground.

Then one day he stumbled off a hill and accidentally ended up on the back of Banzai Bill.  His lifelong dream of flying was finally realized.  He decided right then to go wherever the wind took him.  

That became his new life motto.

Story #2

I was in line at the register in Walmart while a cute young girl in her 20's was ringing me up.  Her v-neck shirt displayed a portion of the tattoo on her chest.  It featured a dove and some words.

Curious, I politely asked, "What does your tattoo say?"
She replied, "Go wherever the wind takes you.  That's my motto for life."

I nodded and smiled.  She smiled back.

Originally this was going to be a pixel version of that tattoo, but I decided Rex and Banzai Bill were more entertaining.

Super Mario World, Nintendo, 1991 USA release.

Sized to fit your phone wallpaper.
Bowser for Prez 2016 by crvnjava67
Bowser for Prez 2016
My take on an election poster.
Bowser Campaign Promises: No new taxes, create more jobs in Mario Land, and the legalization of all mushrooms!

Sized to fit your phone wallpaper.


crvnjava67's Profile Picture
Shane York
United States
Amateur Pixel Artist.
Arcade and Console Game fan.
Starting in January 2015 I'll be doing two calendars a month, one for arcade games and one for console games from the classic era (late 70s to early 90s.)  That incorporates 8 and 16 bit consoles.  My skills with GIMP have improved enough that I am faster at making these, plus it engages my creativity and reminds me how much fun I had playing these games back in the day.

My goal for 2015 is to learn 3D modeling with Blender software.  That way I can recreate my favorite games and turn 2D objects into 3D characters.  That's a big jump in artistic style.

I don't do this for the money.  I make these tributes for the fond memories.

Enjoy, and Happy New Year!

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